Stained glass studio Obsidian

Welcome to the world of obsidian – a vivid world of refined art, full of inspiration and beauty!

Stained glass for interiors of obsidian is the finesse, the atmosphere of coziness and comfort. If you are interested in the author's exclusive solutions, absolutely unique stories and ideas – that our studio – what you need! Obsidian – a young art stained glass studio located in Moscow, Nakhimov Avenue. A distinctive feature is that we offer a range of works on creation of stained glass, including the production of the frame, and illumination of the stained glass, including with the use of painting, fusing art, Tiffany and others. Contact us and you will get a new unique piece of art that you will be proud of for years to come!

our golden hands

Services affordances stained glass studio Obsidian:

  • Consultation in the field of interior stained glass
  • Sketching stained for different techniques
  • Creating stained glass Tiffany technique, fusing, sandblasting technique, composition of glass and mirrors, interior, partitions.
  • Installation and service of stained glass in a niche at the windows, furniture.
  • Restoration and repair of stained glass.

How do you know that the stained glass is suitable for my interior?

Glass - a true companion of man the last 5 centuries. Not a single house is complete without a glass! We offer you special glassware, allocates artistry, finesse and beauty. Stained glass window created by an experienced artist cleverly fits into your interior, emphasizes and highlights its successful moments himself, while remaining sophisticated work of art. Stained glass brings light into the house, so of course he is a guaranteed successful completion of any interior, creating a comfort, a sense of uniqueness and magic.

Just contact us and we will find the best solution for your interior.